Advanced Visualization and Dashboard Design

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Course Dates: July 21-22, 2020
Course Location: WeWork Beach Centre, 15 Beach Road

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Course Overview

Advanced Visualization and Dashboard Design is aimed at the professional who already possesses fundamental data visualization and data storytelling skills. A natural continuation point from Data Storytelling for Business, this course provides participants with the skills needed to produce stunning, understandable business dashboards and graphs. Taught using a variety of visualization tools, the course covers the keys to designing for interactivity and drill down effects. The course also covers less commonly used but valuable visualization methods, including methods for visualizing networks and flows. Dashboard design is covered in detail, with participants creating a dashboard ‘makeover’ during the class practical workshop. Read More…

Additional Information

Number of Students

1-4 participants, 5-10 participants, 11+ participants

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Required Laptop Specs

Intel i3 processor, 2GB RAM
Either Mac or Windows operating system
Software Requirements
Excel 2010 or 2013