Introduction to R Programming for Business Intelligence – July 9-11


Course Dates: July 09 – 11, 2018
Course Location: TBA

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A recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute predicts that machine learning will be the driver of the next big wave of innovation in business.1 For industries including banking, insurance, telecom and retail, machine learning algorithms are already changing the lives of consumers, as companies use algorithms to better target, serve and retain customers.

This course teaches students how to recognize sources of incremental revenues that can be unlocked through the application of machine learning algorithms. The course also teaches participants how to select the most appropriate machine learning techniques to solve particular prediction or optimization problems. Finally, this course teaches participants how to test and refine machine learning algorithms to minimize risk and maximize incremental benefits. Read More…

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1-2 Students, 3-5 Students, 6+ Students


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