We can help design a custom training solution that suits your strategic objectives and skills base

“What I like the most about the training is that it gives you a big head start on statistical concepts often used in a business setting. It inspired me to study further on the topics introduced in class.”

– Student, China Banking Corporation

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Custom Analytics Training

We can help design a custom training solution that suits your strategic objectives and skills base

DataSeer offers custom training for organisations looking to​ ​train 12 or more staff on site. DataSeer can develop tailored content using​ ​your own data, delivering a hybrid consulting and training solution that will​ ​enable your workforce to be almost instantly upskilled in their analytics or​ ​data related roles. DataSeer’s private training includes:

  1. Customised course content derived from our catalogue of courses. Mix from a range of skills and desired topics.
  2. Delivered on site at your facilities, ensuring minimal disruption to your team.
  3. Free auditing for management and C-level participants.
  4. Collaboration with our trainers to use your own datasets with commercial NDA security to ensure your data remains secure.
  5. Delivery from world class instructors.
  6. Customisable pricing and delivery structure to suit your company needs.

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Training Needs Analysis
We help you answer the who, what, when, where and how of your custom DataSeer training.
  • We help determine who in your organization is best suited to analytics or data science training
  • We help you answer the questions “What are the key analytics concepts that my team needs to know?” And “What should the course outcomes be?”
  • We work with you to create a blended learning map (face-to-face and online) with key training dates
  • We work with you to select training locations and delivery times that provide minimal interruption to your core business functions
  • We help you determine how the training should be pre/post assessed and how the content should be structure
Training Pre-Assessment

An optional DataSeer pre-assessment allows you to determine the current baseline level of analytics knowledge in your team.

Results of the pre-assessment can then be used to determine a suitable learning pathway for your team members. The pre-assessment results also form a valuable input into the training post-assessment, where we help you determine whether our training has effectively met your desired training outcomes.

Custom Content Preparation

We’ve ensured that our public training courses are as commercially relevant as they come. As such, all of our courses leverage real commercial datasets and best of breed analytic methods.

However, you may require even higher levels of relevance, with custom training that is designed to meet the very specific needs of your team. Our custom content allows you to select the concepts, datasets, industry context, and course outcomes that will ensure our training delivers ROI to your team from Day 1.

On-Site Training Delivery

The logistics surrounding DataSeer analytics training can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of your team. This means that our courses can be delivered onsite at your location, offsite at your desired location or offsite at one of DataSeer’s preferred training venues.

We can also customize the timing of our training, with day, afternoon, night, and weekend training all available as options. All of this adds up to an analytics training solution that works around your team’s needs, with minimal interruption to your core business operations.

Custom Course Outcomes

All of our public courses culminate in attendees producing set assessment tasks (such as a PowerPoint deck or machine learning model) at the conclusion of each course. Whilst these deliverables have been carefully chosen to suit our course content, you may require course outcomes that align more highly with the strategic objectives of your team.

Our custom course outcomes put you in the driver’s seat to define what the course deliverables should be. These custom deliverables might include a research deck, data-driven customer segmentation or custom next best product recommendation algorithm (all based on your own data).

Training Post Assessment

At DataSeer, we practice what we preach. This means that we encourage a data driven approach to training evaluation in the form of both pre and post training assessments. Conducting both a pre and post training assessment allows you to objectively determine whether DataSeer training has made the desired impact on your team and met your desired training outcomes. Pre and post assessments also allow you to identify any potential remaining learning gaps so that we can work with you to recommend any further learning resources or iteratively improve your training for any future training runs.

About the Instructor

Isaac Reyes is currently the Head of Data Science at Altis Consulting, Australia’s largest information management consulting firm. Prior to Altis, Isaac lectured in statistics at the Australian National University and worked as a Data Scientist at Australia’s leading analytics consulting firm, Quantium. A TEDx presenter and data evangelist, his vision is to help people and companies to become more data driven.

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